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Brand origin:

We want to create a new company culture and carry out some new sales strategies.  Thus, we need a good name to support us. Torshare means" share together". If translate into Chinese, it's"拓享“, that is very good word means pioneering spirit and sharing harvest together. What we want to create is, for customers, we are going to develop more distributors or agents in different countries, and we must support them with best price and service. For our staffs, we always encourage them to show their capacity in torshare, and provde opportunities to help them impove themselves. Finally, we will choose those staffs who are excellent to become shareholders, and growing together with Torshare Ltd. 


Business philosophy:

Innovation + Quality + Management + Talent + Sharing = sustainable development 



BTop Brand of LED commercial lighting in the world



To build a platform for fulfilling of dream, illuminate a wonderful life.


Core values:

Fighting then sharing together

Giving then taking together

Creating then survival better

Following then changing better

Quality Policy:

Keep improving.

No best ,only better

Professional & Efficient

Ensure Customer Satisfaction